RigNet Partners: Delivering Results Around the Globe

RigNet partners with leading communication network operators and digital transformation partners around the world, to deliver ultra-secure, intelligent networking capabilities to customers outside of our core markets.


Delivering Results Through Global Partnerships


Protection for
Network Operators

Communications network operators around the world choose RigNet’s CyphreLink to enhance their networks with military-grade data security that prevents eavesdropping and potential data breaches.


Transcends Existing Security
Protocols & Policies

CyphreLink transcends current security protocols and policies by blackening data, network and device access, and the cloud from the dynamic and evolving security threat landscape.

Interoperates With
Any Network

CyphreLink interoperates seamlessly with any network – satellite, fixed broadband, MPLS, SD-WAN, cellular/wireless, and more – to deliver unmatched security with greater flexibility and agility than traditional connections.

Deploys & Operates

CyphreLink is a powerful solution that operates over-the-top and provides encryption for data-in-transit, network certificates, and encryption keys by establishing a highly-secure connection between trusted endpoints.

Optimized for
Remote Locations

CyphreLink is purpose-built for environments where data protection needs to be unobtrusive, consume minimal bandwidth, and have little latency, making it an optimal enhancement for challenging services use cases across industry verticals.

Results to Global

Enterprises around the world partner with RigNet for complete, secure and intelligent solutions.


Bring Distributed Operations Online

RigNet delivers secure, reliable IP connectivity to your customers’ remote sites and assets, with industry-leading VSAT communications services and networking expertise.

Enable IIoT and AI-based Analytics at Remote Locations

Your customers can turn distributed assets into big data generators with flexible RigNet IIoT networking solutions, spanning VSAT, L-Band, and Cellular coverage across the globe.

Activate Bandwidth-Optimized Applications

Empower your customers to improve safety, security, and morale at remote locations, with RigNet’s continuously expanding portfolio of bandwidth-optimized OTT applications.

Rely Upon Unmatched Network and Data Security

Provide your customers with industry-leading security across their remote assets and networks, with RigNet’s military-grade CyphreLink encryption technology.

Deliver Results with Machine Learning Analytics

Help your customers drive financial and operational performance across their remote sites and assets with Intelie Live, RigNet's industry-leading machine learning analytics platform.