Equip your fleet to compete

RigNet Maritime provides the most rugged connectivity services for today’s hardworking maritime fleets. Bringing advanced network design, satellite connectivity and security systems, RigNet Maritime streamlines the flow of communications and information onboard, onshore and across your fleet, for better business at sea.


Optimize fleet utilization and increase total fleet returns. From coastal support to global long haul shipping, RigNet gives you the flexibility to adjust your network to better accommodate the size and location of your vessels. Solutions such as fleet-wide capacity sharing can boost operational efficiency, while dramatically reducing existing costs by up to 50%.


Improve vessel performance and gain the greatest incremental business value from every nautical mile. Whatever your business objectives, true ‘always on’ connectivity capabilities provide vessel and shore-based personnel with the most up-to-date vessel insights. Whether diagnosing on-board equipment issues or switching to slow steaming to increase fuel efficiency — make informed decisions when it counts.


Ensure crew welfare around the clock, making each vessel a more attractive place to work and live. Wherever operations take them today’s crews expect to be connected when they go off-shift. From personal phone accounts to Wi-Fi access and video media, RigNet Maritime provides a range of smarter service plans that help you meet and manage crew connectivity expectations at pre-agreed rates with no monthly surprises.

The trusted connectivity services partner

RigNet is a leading global provider of digital technology solutions serving worldwide business operations. RigNet provides solutions ranging from fully-managed voice and data networks to more advanced applications that include video conferencing, crew welfare, asset monitoring and real-time data services.

Every day our services enable customers to access over 320 MHz of premium satellite bandwidth, delivering 2.78 terabytes of mission-critical data via 19 satellites and 12 teleports.

RigNet Maritime also provides exclusive global access to a new generation of high throughput satellite platforms, through a strategic partnership with Inmarsat. As a fully global network, Global Xpress technology introduces unprecedented levels of connectivity at sea, combined with seamless transition from region to region.

This and other key alliances mean that RigNet will always be positioned to provide the best connectivity services to the industry, making sure your maritime operations are never compromised by bandwidth, coverage or data limits.