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Why RigNet

RigNet has the commitment, experience and expertise you deserve

More and more oil andProduction_1.jpg gas companies around the world are benefiting from the many advantages offered by RigNet, and for good reason.

Fully managed technology services & global deployment

We support global deployment through our Network Operations Center, which is fully staffed 24x7 with experienced oil field engineers and technicians.

Technology Neutral

Unlike other companies, RigNet is independent of any particular data transport technology. We tailor the optimal mode and design of transport across a broad portfolio of network technologies so you always get the best performance for your money.

Simplified pricing & total cost of ownership

With RigNet's all-inclusive billing, you know your total communications costs up front, so your total cost of ownership meets your budget and your expectations. There are no hidden fees or surprises.

Hurricane and typhoon resistant

Hurricanes and other extreme weather pose serious threats to communication systems operating in remote areas. To ensure ongoing communications, RigNet uses teleports located away from high-risk tropical coastal areas.

Superior customer service

Customer satisfaction is the result of great performance, and RigNet has the most satisfied customers in the energy industry. RigNet delivers the highest level of performance for voice and data communications because we are organized around core values that promote excellence in every aspect of your service. You will notice RigNet's superior performance from your initial activation throughout the entire duration of the service.

Here are the secrets to our success:

1. Like you, we are oil and gas people

RigNet serves the oil and gas industry. Period. Our senior management and key personnel throughout our organization are all long-standing oil and gas veterans. We focus on delivering more and better expertise in every aspect of remote voice and data communications and networking solely for energy companies. We deliver comprehensive managed services that are more powerful, more global, more reliable, more flexible, more efficient and easier to use. In short, we are 100% committed to you, your people and their needs.

2. Technological Neutral

RigNet applies its business communication technology expertise toward delivering the best performance, reliability, security and ease of use. RigNet seeks to mininmize ownership of network components. Why? First, with a commitment to excellence rather than certain types of equipment, we are under no pressure to sell you any particular components or bandwidth. We can focus on your needs, rather than our overhead. We can source the best, most reliable existing technology for your job, from world-class suppliers, at the best price. Second, technology for communications and real-time data advances rapidly. Hardware quickly becomes an expensive commodity - or worse, obsolete. By not focusing on owning technology, RigNet can be an industry leader in utilizing new technology to your advantage.

3. Unrelenting customer service

Managed communications and network services are our core business. That is why we deliver a true end-to-end solution. RigNet provides all the hardware and installs it. We set everything up and provide live, 24x7 monitoring and technical support by oil field-trained personnel. We simplify the billing to assure that you're on budget. RigNet realizes that oilfield communications and network services are not the biggest part of your operation, but their performance and reliability are essential for your success - and ours.

With a comprehensive understanding of your needs, unsurpassed technology and the oil and gas industry's most responsive customer support, RigNet is designed from the ground up to be differentiated to deliver the highest level of performance and reliability.

Learn first-hand about the RigNet Advantage

To see how RigNet's unique approach can improve your operations, speak with an oilfield communication representative in your region.