SOIL Access and SOIL Services

The SOIL (Secure Oil Information Link) network is a fully managed, high-performance, communications-network hub that is owned and operated by EPIMIt operates independently of other networks, including the Internet. It enables operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), their business partners, and suppliers to collaborate—in a cost-effective way—without having to establish multiple, point-to-point connections.

Sharing information simply and securely

RigNet has extensive knowledge and experience with the SOIL Network and is an approved SOIL service provider (SSP), delivering SOIL access and connectivity to a range of remote offshore locations. As an approved SSP, RigNet can provide your company with all available SOIL services, while ensuring that you have a fast, reliable, and secure information sharing capability.

SOIL Services provided by RigNet:

  • Redundant SOIL access with firewall (10Mb -1Gb)
  • Redundant SOIL access to offshore locations 
  • End-to-end monitoring and online statistics 
  • Continuous network monitoring and tech support

Multipurpose access to RigNet options beyond SOIL access:

  • Interconnect to United Kingdom, Singapore, United States, Brazil, Middle East, Africa, Brazil, and Australia
  • Server hosting to remote locations
  • High-end data centers in Norway and other major locations
  • Video and voice solutions optimized for remote locations

Hosting services and high-performance applications

Increasingly, upstream Oil & Gas companies use applications hosted externally and delivered online, rather than installing and supporting the applications internally. RigNet provides solutions available through SOIL that are specifically designed to aid collaboration within the O&G industry.

Our hosting services let you avoid the time, expense, and complexity of running applications internally. Whether its hosting single-server applications or large applications with thousands of users, RigNet deploys your application rapidly with extreme scalability, redundancy, and exceptionally high uptime.

Hosted solutions:

  • Offshore hosting of IT infrastructure onboard drilling rigs, including email, file server, computers, and printers.
  • Personnel onboard solution by Da Winci POB
  • Video collaboration hosting of shared or client-owned videoconferencing infrastructure
  • Web-map solution improves coexistence between fishing, energy, and seismic industries by SAM-X
  • High-performance applications hosted by RigNet

RigNet hosting services

In addition to providing a physical hosting solution for your applications, RigNet hosting can also provide full-scale assistance with operations, maintenance, and helpdesk services.

Typical services:

  • Hardware rental in highly secure and redundant hosting facilities
  • Cloud-based rental from Amazon Web Services (AWS), accessible from Internet or through RigNet´s direct connections
  • Operations support (virus protection, software updates, hardware maintenance, etc.)
  • Applications and hardware monitoring
  • SOIL access
  • Secure login
  • Storage, backup, and disaster recovery
  • Helpdesk
  • Customer support center