Water management

RigNet customers who provide services to cities and metropolitan areas use our SCADA solutions to monitor compounds present in water. Access to this data helps these organizations make decisions about accumulation, storage, treatment and delivery of water for citizens and emergency response employees.

The solution we designed for these customers is an off-the-grid VSAT network that doesn’t utilize any part of the common carrier telephone network.The network is a double-hop, RS232 serial network that consists of multiple Headquarter VSAT polling locations controlling a number of remotes VSATs.


These remote VSAT locations monitor compounds throughout the water lifecycle:

Reservoirs – Water levels and flow, hydro power generation.
Tank Farms – Storage for potable and non-potable water.
Water Treatment – Reclamation, chlorination and ionization.
Distribution – Siphoning, portals, valves and metering.


Many major United States Airports use RigNet’s SCADA solutions. They have VSATs that serve as backup to their MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) Network. The airport MPLS and VSAT nodes are attached to a router which routes production and network maintenance data for the MPLS and VSAT networks but also routes production over the VSAT in the effect the MPLS fails. The production data is referred to as ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System), a messaging system a commercial airliner’s ground and air systems use to communicate status, performance and location during regular intervals or when a systems status or functions suddenly stops working completely or outside of normal parameters.

This ACARS data is transmitted via radio from a commercial airliner to a radio base station radio that is located at the customer’s MPLS and VSAT POP within the airport grounds. VSATs are uplinked and backhauled to the customers’ Network Operations Center via the RigNet VSAT hub in Englewood, CO.


Additionally, some customers utilize the RigNet Microwave Network in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM). On various offshore platforms in the GoM, customers have placed base station radios that receive the ACARS data from commercial airliners passing over. From the base station radio on the offshore platform, the ACARS data is then sent to RigNet’s New Orleans, LA Microwave Head-End where it is then backhauled to the customers’ Network Operations Center.

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