RigNet’s CrewConnect™ is a portfolio of crew-welfare services grounded in reliable, secure, controlled connectivity. The CrewConnect portfolio is designed to improve crew morale in remote locations, which helps to reduce employee turnover while increasing operational efficiency and productivity.

CrewConnect™ Wi-Fi

CrewConnect Wi-Fi solution enables customers to ensure their crews have the best user experience by authenticating and approving access to the crew network while actively monitoring traffic and content.

CrewConnect™ Hotspot

CrewConnect Hotspot is a reliable, on-demand internet connection service that enables your crew to purchase data packages by which they can make worldwide connections. A fully separated network, dedicated to crew and contractors, the Hotspot is secure, accessible and always on. It is managed and supported by RigNet’s 24/7 technical support engineers.

CrewConnect™ Infotainment

CrewConnect Infotainment grants customers immediate access to IP-based infotainment and video management services and solutions: IPTV, video on demand, and recording and subscription services. These amenities help improve morale among employees working remotely, increasing engagement and productivity.