RigNet provides LTE coverage, VSAT, and line-of-sight solutions to the North Sea through an extensive infrastructure provided by Tampnet. We can also provide solutions that optimize the equipment footprint, reduce the complexity of the installation, and increase LTE link performance.

RigNet serves several sites in the North Sea, using wireless links as the primary communication path with VSAT as a backup. RigNet also provides dedicated line-of- sight links to sites that are located outside the current LTE coverage areas. We currently have links reaching as far as 74 mi (119 km).

Ease of installation

LTE installation

Here is an example of a standard LTE installation that is easy to set up, has little cable loss and only needs an Ethernet cable back to the equipment room.



20160515 Note from CEO Desk (Autosaved)_Page_2_Image_0002



Test report shows that we were able to get 60 Mbps down to a site that is approximately 19 mi (31 km) from its base station; the site’s capacity to shore was 30 Mbps.

Our wireless services can be combined with other connectivity options in hybrid networks by leveraging Interchange.