Wireless LTE (US Land)

iStock_000016776464Large_smallRigNet offers expansive coverage and “Life of the Well” services in major shale plays across the United States and service coverage is growing. Coverage area is in excess of 150,000 square miles and boasts nearly 60 percent of the land-based drilling rigs in the United States.  Coverage areas are continually and rapidly expanding and are updated quarterly.

Microwave/WiMax (GoM)

microwave_headerCost-effective and reliable voice, data, video and computer networks are provided in the Gulf of Mexico through our state-of-the-art digital microwave system via our fully owned licensed frequency spectrum.


Wireless LTE (North Sea)

north_seaRigNet offers LTE coverage in addition to VSAT and Line of Sight solutions in the North Sea in partnership with Tampnet by capitalizing on their extensive infrastructure. We have developed our solution over time to optimize the equipment size needed, reduce the complexity of the installation and increase the performance of the LTE link.

Private Wireless Networks

Tablet-en-datacenterRigNet can build and manage private networks to customers’ specifications. Contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements.