VSAT Services

The RigNet Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) based on VSAT technology are cost-effective, IP-based satellite solutions that provide high-speed, always-on connections to the Internet, the international Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and worldwide corporate intranets.

FSS services from RigNet combine secure, reliable connectivity with unmatched coverage in a flexible package, which is scalable to meet almost any requirement.  As a technology-neutral provider of Ku-band, C-band, and L-band services, RigNet FSS services are excellent choices for your primary communications platform or as a completely independent backup solution for existing networks.

Whether you have a few sites or hundreds, RigNet two-way, high-speed satellite services provide a single-product solution that is scalable for all your IP-based communications requirements in remote areas worldwide.  Combining the solution with an L-band terminal for back-up service achieves availability and reliability levels unsurpassed in the industry.


RigNet provides iDirect-based, Ku-band and C-band VSAT and Inmarsat L-band BGAN services as part of its FSS solutions suite.  Services are available as contended or dedicated, single channel per carrier (SCPC).  RigNet’s underlying network technology is based on a robust, IP-optimized platform that has been proven throughout the world.  A typical remote site is equipped with a satellite antenna and associated radio equipment for two-way, send-and-receive communications, and as an indoor unit that connects seamlessly to your PC’s on a LAN using a standard Ethernet interface—several remote site configurations are available.

Fixed-Site Land

For permanent or semi-permanent installations, Ku-band and C-band antennas are typically 1.2 to 2.4 meters and are installed with wall, post, or non-penetrating roof mounts. Standard L-band BGAN terminals provide temporary services during exploration and production site setup and for use as FSS backup solutions.

Transportable Land

Available in three categories: trailer, flyaway and auto-acquire.

  1. Trailer mounts feature a satellite dish, pre-mounted on a single-axel, tow-hitch trailer. They include a GPS and an antenna-pointing assembly that can be made operational in 15 minutes.
  2. Flyaway terminals can be transported in lightweight cases and are designed for repeated assembly—setup takes approximately 30 minutes.
  3. Auto-acquire terminals can be mounted on light trucks or SUVs for mobility and are capable of automatically deploying and acquiring a satellite within minutes.

C-Band Coverage

Ku-Band Coverage