Mobile Connectivity Services

Ready when you are
RigNet offers a wide range of connectivity services that ensure reliable and quality data delivery across the globe, regardless of location conditions.

RigNet IoT

RigNet IoT determines the appropriate sensors and applications, defines the network, and integrates a customized solution based on your specific needs. We provide full installation, maintenance and support services at a monthly cost, enabling you to automate and enhance processes across your business. RigNet connectivity services surpass those from conventional providers by including a suite of over-the-top (OTT) products and solutions focused on improving safety, minimizing risk, increasing efficiency and productivity, and providing for crew welfare.

Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) M2M

Inmarsat’s BGAN M2M provides worldwide, two-way, IP data connectivity for low-volume, high-frequency bursts of data and supports supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). A range of certified terminals is available for mobile and fixed use, providing remote management and performance that suit operational needs in even the most extreme environmental conditions. M2M terminals are small, easy to install, and have proven to increase network operation efficiency.

IsatData Pro

IsatData Pro is a global, two-way short message service that precisely tracks and monitors fixed or mobile assets, providing increased visibility of business operations and enhanced efficiency. This enables greater safety and security for assets, cargo, and drivers.


ThurayaIP delivers resilient broadband data services of up to 444 kbps and asynchronous streaming IP data starting from 16 kbps for users across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, operating over a network optimized by Thuraya’s dynamic resource allocation that minimizes signal congestion in high-volume areas.

Global Cellular

RigNet’s Global Cellular service provides data connectivity across the globe by leveraging more than 600 agreements worldwide. With access to multi in-country by a single SIM card (some exceptions apply) users are provided with dependable service without having to negotiate separate agreements with a variety of providers in different countries.


Frequently deployed as a data aggregator to tie multiple sites together, RigNet’s Ku Band-, VSAT-, SCADA-network supports large-volume, fixed-cost usage to augment SCADA operations. In addition, RigNet provides a dedicated network (including teleport) and a 24/7 help desk, specializing in SCADA deployments.


CentricView is a real-time monitoring application that provides a geo-mapping interface for viewing remote sites, providing greater operational visibility and control. CentricView site maps also include additional layers: weather conditions, alarm notifications, satellite, day/ condition, including WiMAX and LTE coverage of RigNet’s Gulf of Mexico and North Sea wireless networks. Customers can also use this application interface to view their remote site’s communication-link performance, history, and trends.

Remote Data Monitor 

Remote Data Monitor (RDM) is a web-based SCADA monitoring capability that automatically polls and retrieves data from a remote site and presents it in useful and intuitive formats. Capable of supporting more than 80 protocols, RDM works with almost any RTU/PLCte.

Regardless of the operation area or communication requirements, RigNet will deliver a reliable application-specific solution.