The oil and gas industry is moving towards a complete digital transformation to increase production and reduce downtime. As oil and gas fields can span hundreds to even thousands of square miles across remote areas, wireless networks can improve communication efficiency. Many large oil and gas companies are adopting wireless network solutions to transmit and collect mission-critical data for all of their communication needs. Reliable and extensive wireless networks can provide the rig operators with reduced implementation time and costs, increased system flexibility and scalability as well as real-time production monitoring and data aggregation.

CompleteConnect ensures constant connectivity, high capacity, and high availability. It offers users an intelligent, durable, LTE solution that is easy to deploy and can be bundled with L-band and VSAT services to provide communications beyond LTE coverage areas.

The portable unit features a rugged case with durable components to ensure reliability against harsh environments and rough handling. It also comes with a SD-WAN switch which enables lowest-cost routing between carriers in remote regions, simplifying site management and uptime, while providing better security.

CompleteConnect will meet the communication needs of the future and enable operators to benefit fully from digital transformation. It provides the fast, secure, and reliable sharing of critical real-time data, voice, and video to remote sites.

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