RigNet has been a dynamic company from day one. Now we are continuing to transform our organization to help business customers meet the 21st century challenge of digital transformation.

Fueling growth through strategic acquisitions, we are extending the RigNet offering, bringing ground-breaking technologies to areas such as OTT, IoT, SaaS and cyber security. Networks are merely a vehicle for greater performance. SaaS and application layers are the key to unlocking potential. To this end, we maintain a strong focus on growing our capabilities in this area. At the same time, we are reaching beyond our legacy markets; extending this enhanced portfolio out to a broader customer base working across new industries.

Now RigNet has everything in place to deliver on the promise of digital transformation – measured by the ultimate digital metric: user experience.

Cyphre, a RigNet company (NASDAQ:RNET), is a cybersecurity company that deploys disruptive data protection innovations by enhancing industry standard encryption protocols with patent pending BlackTIE® technology. Cyphre’s security scales in multiple directions, allowing it to protect data in-transit, at-rest, and in-use within cloud computing. This also includes Internet of Things, enterprise, private clouds, and traditional enterprise infrastructure.

RigNet completes asset acquisition of Energy Satellite services (ESS). Energy Satellite Services is a recognized leader in the satellite communications industry. By serving over 3,400 VSATs in 42 states and being the only VSAT supplier with an always hot standby hub, ESS lends further expertise to RigNet’s communication’s portfolio.