Rapid connections for high-performance communications and real-time data transmission

Increasingly, service companies are offering highly advanced applications that are dependent on high-performance transmission of real-time data. RigNet provides robust wireless broadband connections that deliver your data in real time, easily, seamlessly and securely. On a RigNet-enabled rig, you can connect upon arrival.

Managed Service

We are a true end-to-end solution: installation, phones and fax machines, bandwidth, long distance, 24/7 live monitoring and technical support, repair and on-site service according to your agreement—no other provider offers easier to use solutions.

Affordable Flat Fee

With RigNet all-inclusive billing, you get a no-surprise guarantee. Even on-site repair service is included, as specified in your agreement. RigNet all-inclusive billing is based on an affordable, pre-determined day rate, resulting in lower and more manageable costs.

High-performance plug-and-play environment

Supporting your services with our flexible plug-and-play communications capability, enables you to engage with your customers effectively and efficiently, ensuring their success.