RigNet provides rig owners with a competitive advantage while lowering communications costs

RigNet’s unique approach is to provide a standardized communications solution for your entire network – that suits your specific communication needs. Whatever your goals, location, or required coverage area, RigNet can provide you with the infrastructure and services to help make your operation safer, more efficient, and more productive.

Better for your rig


RigNet invests in your rig by installing a permanent, advanced, high-speed network infrastructure. This provides operators and service companies a secure connection to their corporate network and the Internet from the moment they arrive on location. This enables all parties on the rig to easily plug into the existing infrastructure, eliminating the need to rewire for each job.

Better support


To ensure the highest performance, RigNet offers managed services to every customer. We are a true end-to-end solution: installation. phones, fax machines and modems, broadband connection, long distance, 24-hour live monitoring and technical support, on-site service and support. Plus, we have offices and field to provide support worldwide.

Better technology

RIgNet 1

Unlike other rig communications providers that sell costly facilities or assets—whether they are the best options for your fleet, or not. RigNet is totally independent of any data transport technology; we specify only optimum technologies to maximize your ROI.

Lower costs


RigNet’s all-inclusive billing is based on a pre-determined day rate that includes your complete services and hardware needs, eliminating surprise costs, while providing you with excellent service.