Unmatched rig communications, internet, and real-time data services

RigNet is a proven provider of advanced rig communications and has earned a reputation for having the most responsive 24-hour support and services in the industry. It is through these capabilities that RigNet helps operators work safer and more effectively, while minimizing their communications costs.

Highest performance for voice, fax and data

You get crystal-clear communications and secure, robust data transmission, which helps provide quality communications while controlling costs.


Rapid deployment

With advanced communication infrastructures, pre-installed on global rig fleets, RigNet can have your communications and network services working the moment you arrive—on any job site worldwide. (Upon notice, we can also have non-RigNet enabled rigs working immediately, by mobilizing a pre-configured communications infrastructure.)

Local presence – Global footprint

RigNet has the most Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) offshore installations in the world. We also have offices and field support locations around the world. Whether you need special licensing from a foreign government, or hardware for additional personnel or service companies, RigNet can quickly direct the right people with the right expertise to your location.

Proactive 24/7 network monitoring and technical support

RigNet provides the industry’s highest level of support. Our 24/7, live, end-to-end network monitoring means you’ll have maximum uptime and less need for service, while our engineers and technicians continuously manage your network.


Affordability and cost control

Your RigNet costs are based on a simple, pre-determined day rate that includes all services, with a no-surprises guarantee.

  • All on-site service calls are included, according to your agreement .
  • Pre-installed rigs lower mobilizing and demobilizing communications costs from job to job
  • Pre-configured rig communication infrastructures can be made active immediately
  • RigNet infrastructure can provide communications to all rig site parties
  • Pre-determined day rate eliminates extra charges for incidental long-distance minutes