At the core of RigNet’s HSE platform is an uncompromising quest for HSE excellence and the desire to be regarded by our customers and peers as a communications company that is setting the standard for minimizing risk and incident occurrence. RigNet prioritizes HSE objectives and uses thorough, after-action reviews and continuous process improvement to maximize results. 

Our Commitment

The health, safety, and security of our employees, business partners, and affiliates are a core value in the company’s business model. Excellent HSE performance will help make RigNet the company of choice for our customers. Along with this recognition, we stand to gain the admiration of our business partners, affiliates, and governmental bodies for our commitment to, and continuous improvements in HSE stewardship.

Our HSE Objectives

  • Strive for zero workplace incidents by fostering a safe and secure global-work environment
  • Mitigate hazards which cannot be eliminated
  • Minimize operational risk exposure
  • Minimize operational footprint to reduce environmental risks and increase efficiency
  • Perform all work tasks in compliance with HSE policies and procedures

We will focus our resources and priorities to ensure:

  • No accidents at worksites
  • No environmental damage
  • No damage to operational assets
  • No lapses in HSE compliance