Shell GameChanger and Intelie to Develop Virtual Decision-Making Resource for Well Engineers

Intelie, a subsidiary of global communications technology provider RigNet, Inc. was selected for Shell’s GameChanger program to develop its Digital Decision Assistant, a virtual decision assistant module that helps engineers make data-driven decisions for real-time drilling operations, and longer-term, data-intensive projects, such as well construction.

Powered by natural language processing and artificial intelligence, the new Digital Decision Assistant module will combine sensor and collaboration data from engineers, offering a conversational interface for the energy industry. This capability will enable access to a well-information database that is created automatically as wellsite operations are performed.

“Shell GameChanger aims to explore new insights into machine learning and digital capabilities and foster the development of products that use these transformative technologies to solve operational challenges and improve efficiency within the energy industry,” said Hani Elshahawi who ushered Intelie through the Shell GameChanger vetting process. “After a seven-stage critique, brainstorming, and testing, we determined that RigNet’s Intelie team presented a compelling product.”

Founded in 1996, Shell GameChanger works with startups and businesses on unproven, early-stage ideas that have the potential to make an impact on the future of energy. To test the technical and commercial viability of their concepts, Shell’s program provides developers with seed funding, subject matter expertise, and industry connections.

More can be found here on Shell GameChanger and Intelie.

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