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In today's competitive oil industry, time is of the essence. Crucial decisions must be made quickly either from a remote location or locations within the rig's perimeter. RigNet provides the reliable landline services and wireless technology clients need to stay in contact with their personnel and suppliers. From cord and wireless telephones to two-way radios, fax communications, intercoms, satellite capabilities and more, we ensure you stay in touch with the oilfield at all times.

Satellite Solutions

  • VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) - a small satellite dish that is installed at the site, land or water, and provides multiple communication capabilities. A typical system provides 3 to 6 dial tones (analog or IP telephony) as well as a broadband connection for computers used on the site.
  • StarNet - Internet only VSAT system installed in conjunction with a landline allowing the customer to have a broadband internet connection. Bandwidth is provided through SpaceNet.

Wireless LTE

RigNet LTE delivers critical voice, data and real-time video communications, exclusively to US industries involved in the exploration, production and delivery of oil and natural gas.  Our infrastructure forms the communications and service foundation to reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance safety.

LTE services are fully IP-based with the capability of delivering high download/upload data rates, quality of service (QoS) and multicasting capability, and mobility support for high speed applications.  Services range from 512Kbps to 10Mbps and boast a historic uptime of 99.9%.

Telephony Solutions

  • Telephones- Cord & Wireless – RigNet provides the system the client prefers.
  • Fax Communications - RigNet rents fax/printing/copying/scanning equipment.


  • Intercoms - Multiple units can be installed in offices and living quarters on location. These units are also installed at various points on a drilling rig such as the drillers console, dog house, mud tanks, shale shaker, mud logging and MWD trailers. An indoor/outdoor speaker system is also installed. The system provides station-to-station private conversation and gives the client the ability to call out mud weights and mud viscosities, vital to the drilling operation. RigNet is an authorized reseller for Aiphone.


  • Two-Way Radio - Commonly referred to as "push to talk", two-way radio services allow operators and contractors to talk on private frequencies. RigNet has recently been awarded five frequencies.
  • MSAT - Two way radio. Mobile Satellite Systems is a two way radio real time voice based-service that provides point to point and point to multipoint communication at the push of a button. The system provides push to talk seamless two way communication via satellite instead of radio towers. The system is ideal for the oil & gas industry and first responders such as fire, police and ambulance because it eliminates the vulnerability from hurricanes and other natural disasters.


  • Tellular Cellular Transceiver - The Tellular product is a boxed cellular phone that provides fax and low-speed data capabilities. The typical customer for these products will be dispatchers located at dock facilities.

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