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SOIL MeetingVideo

With SOIL Meeting video conferencing technology, you benefit from enhanced collaboration, greater productivity and the ability to solve issues in real time with a disparate group of employees, partners or customers. These advantages can lead to huge improvements in work practices and significantly reduce operating expenditures.

Increased reliability, improved communications

SOIL Meeting uses the SOIL network as the distribution point, either by using customer shared resources hosted on SOIL, or by hosting our own private infrastructure on the SOIL network. A proven alternative to the Internet, connection over SOIL provides improved quality, guaranteed bandwidth and complete reliability.

Solutions to fit your needs

We offer video conferencing technology solutions to meet a variety of needs. Smaller users can take advantage of our SMALL solution that is designed for companies with up to three systems. Customers are connected to a shared bordercontroller on SOIL, providing a low-cost solution with minimal initial outlay and an easy setup. For larger users with over four systems, we offer our STANDARD solution where the customer's own bordercontroller is hosted at the SOIL hub. Whatever solution you choose, you're guaranteed of an easy user interface and access to common address books.