Through secure collaboration HUBs for the Oil & Gas Industry in the North Sea and Gulf Coast, RigNet enables oil and gas partners to cost effectively share and exchange information fast, reliably and securely.  RigNet also operates the SOIL (Secure Oil Information Link) network on the Norwegian Continental Shelf on behalf of EPIM.To further aid industry wide collaboration, we offer a video conferencing solution that uses the SOIL network and RigNet collaboration HUBs as a secure and reliable infrastructure. We also provide hosting solutions to industry applications by providing secure hosting facilities, help desk and 24/7 support.

Share Information with Guaranteed Speed, Reliability and Security

RigNet Energy Collaboration networks consist of fully managed, high-performance, members-only communications network hubs in Aberdeen and Houston and enables collaborative partners, suppliers and customers to transfer and share data quickly, reliably and securely. This cost-effective, easy-to-deploy alternative to building out point-to-point connections is based on the SOIL network on the Norwegian Continental Shelf which has a track record of performance that extends back to 1998.  Count on the RigNet Energy Collaboration networks for collaborating with partners and suppliers.

The simple way to share information securely

RigNet Energy Collaboration network members communicate with one another via one hub, rather than building a point-to-point bridge to every partner, making communication between member companies considerably easier. You no longer have to extend your intranet (extranet) to each partner or supplier individually. With one link to the RigNet Energy Collaboration Network, you are potentially connected to all other members.

Run your high-bandwidth applications

With an average uptime of 99.97 percent, RigNet Energy Collaboration Network supports a wide range of bandwidths from Kbps to Gbps. This speed and reliability are ideal for a variety of your own applications, and RigNet services such as video conferencing.

Hosting services and high-performance applications hosted by RigNet

Increasingly, upstream oil and gas companies use applications hosted externally and delivered online, rather than installing and supporting the applications internally.  As part of our ongoing commitment to providing value-added services for the Oil & Gas industry, RigNet is dedicated to making new solutions specifically designed to aid collaboration in the oil and gas industry available through RigNet Energy Collaboration networks and SOIL. Our hosting services let you avoid the time, expense and complexity of running applications internally. RigNet can host single-server applications or large applications with thousands of users. We deploy your application rapidly with extreme scalability, redundancy and exceptionally high uptime.

Hosted solutions

  • Offshore Hosting – Hosting of necessary IT infrastructure onboard drilling rigs, including email, file server, computers and printers.
  • License2Share – Cross-company licensing application with more than 5,000 users
  • DaWinci POB – Personnel Onboard solution
  • EPIM ReportingHub – A flexible knowledge base for receiving, validating, storing, analysing and transmitting reports
  • EPIM EnvironmentHub – A database for gathering and analyzing environmental data
  • Video Collaboration – Hosting of shared or client-owned videoconferencing infrastructure for video communication
  • SAM-X – A Webmap solution to improve coexistence between the fishing, oil and seismic industries
  • High-performance applications hosted by RigNet

RigNet hosting services

In addition to providing a physical hosting solution for your applications, RigNet hosting can also provide full-scale assistance on operations, maintenance and help desk services.

Typical services include:

  • Hardware rental in highly secure and redundant hosting facilities
  • Operations support (virus protection, software updates, hardware maintenance, etc.)
  • Monitoring of applications and hardware
  • Access to SOIL, RigNet Energy Collaboration networks and the Internet
  • Secure log-in
  • Storage, backup and disaster recovery
  • Help desk
  • Customer support center

Customer support

RigNet hosting can be provided with our 24/7 monitoring and technical support network operations center. This support center provides first-line assistance to application customers for all general inquiries, fault reporting, new orders, change management, warnings and follow-up of reported issues. Our network operations center is staffed by skilled personnel, experienced in providing first-line fault reporting assistance for major applications. In addition, we constantly monitor all hosted applications, network equipment and servers, so our support team is instantly notified of any incidents by our monitoring system. RigNet Hosting also provides monthly status reports on application uptime and any associated problems.