Increase your service performance and reliability without enduring the additional cost of a non-operational failover communications path

RigNet Interchangeis a solution that leverages hybrid network technology to deliver continuous “aggregated” use of all available networks, enhanced service reliability, and advanced performance monitoring and reporting capabilities.


Performance Monitoring & Reporting

By continually monitoring and managing every packet, enhanced performance reports can be generated that communicate accurate, comprehensive, and detailed views of network performance.

Intelligent Load Balancing

Spreads a single session across multiple links and adapts to changing conditions without disrupting the session by moving packets off links if quality degrades or fails.

Data Aggregation

The aggregation of multiple networks to maximize the bandwidth availability to support mission critical and latency-sensitive applications.

Packet Duplication

Packets from low bandwidth, latency-sensitive applications such as VoIP can be duplicated across two or more links.

Service resiliency is enhanced by monitoring network parameters such as latency, packet loss, and jitter to dynamically determine the appropriate packet delivery path.