The only service to offer continuous, end-to-end high throughput bandwidth, seamlessly, worldwide

The first ever global high-speed broadband network which spans the world, Global Xpress offers organizations with remote operations proven deployment of critical communications and unparalleled reach of service.

The impressive worldwide coverage of Global Xpress is achieved via 3 overlapping geo-stationary high-throughput satellites (HTS) placed in strategic orbital locations. The satellites work with each other, creating a continuous, consistent network service around the globe. Each satellite is equipped with both fixed and steerable concentrated spot beam architecture to provide maximum power and efficiency.


Global Coverage

One global network empowers you to easily and readily deploy the same service and equipment for communications across the total territory of your entire operation – however local, regional or international – wherever and whenever it’s needed. With Global Xpress there’s one service and one consistent set of equipment, so you can benefit from streamlined training, support, purchasing and maintenance.


With some other services rain fade near a satellite service station could cause connection issues, but not with Global Xpress. The network has been designed to offer an unrivaled level of redundancy through its primary and secondary Service Access Stations, in all regions, to mitigate against adverse weather or any network management procedures that need to be undertaken.


Global Xpress will be the only solution to offer high bandwidth on a continuous, end-to-end global basis. Purposely designed for mobility, it will deliver industry-leading levels of availability for always-on connectivity that helps maximize your operational efficiency.


Global Xpress offers you the flexibility to grow the reach of your communication networks in-line with your business requirements as they expand. Whether you need to deploy more sites or increase bandwidth at your existing sites, Global Xpress is a key enabler for business growth.

Compact Terminals

Global Xpress will deliver higher data rates through more compact terminals than those in Ku-band – taking up less space on the site. And they’re easier to move around from one location to another when you need to.