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For oil companies that need to provide access to vendors without crowding the company office, WiFi HotSpot provides convenient access throughout living quarters.

For service companies that seek office-like connectivity for their technicians and engineers, WiFi HotSpot provides easy access with a familiar user interface without requiring specialized equipment to connect to the service.

For individuals needing Internet access for personal or business reasons when it is not provided by the above, WiFi HotSpot provides an affordable means for users to connect.

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RigNet’s WiFi HotSpot, made available through WiFi Soft Solutions, makes it easy for anyone on the rig to get access to the Internet. Simply connect to the wireless network, open your computer’s Web browser to sign up — and in minutes you will be online.

Flexible rate plans are available to allow you to use your access when it is most convenient for you. Don’t let working offshore keep you from staying connected!

Contact us for additional information or for corporate pricing agreements.

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