RigNet (NASDAQ:RNET) is a leading global provider of digital technology solutions serving remote locations, including energy facilities and maritime vessels. RigNet provides solutions ranging from fully-managed voice and data networks to more advanced applications that include video conferencing, crew welfare, asset monitoring and real-time data services. RigNet is based in Houston, Texas and has operations around the globe.


Rig Owners

Israel gas and oil rig in Cyprus. Offshore exploration platform

RigNet gives rig owners premier communication solutions that standardizes your entire fleet to deliver high performance and quality service while increasing your operational efficiency. Our technology distinguishes your fleet and provides you with a valuable competitive advantage.



RigNet’s platform is designed around the concept of delivering higher performance – more features and capabilities, higher quality, greater reliability and better support. The high quality helps you control your operational efficiency.

Service Companies


RigNet provides you a robust wireless broadband connection and ensures higher performance against your advanced applications that depend on transmission of real-time data. When you work on a RigNet-enabled rig or vessel, you can be connected the moment you arrive onboard.